About Us

The Team

Tiffney McElroy

Representative for the Tech Community

My passion is to serve our community, leading with Courage and Integrity to help others achieve happiness in their careers. This may sound like the typical corporate garbage, but the words Courage and Integrity are hardwired into my body and automatically generate in every decision I make because of my Faith. My current focus is Recruiting and Developing Engineers to support the Tech Community by retaining talented Engineers in the continually changing tech world. I embrace the ideology of Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder 2.0 and VUCA and promote the latest cloud-based technologies to support in the areas of personal and educational development. I seek young talent and believe it is never too early to start discussing career plans to build our future workforce.

Steven Doolan

Data Scientist and Software Engineer.

I work with developers and engineers to get the job done. I construct tools to allow people to work smarter not harder. In these pursuits I learn what makes technical people want to work and in turn work with companies to accurately describe job openings and place people where they can grow and thrive. I want to drastically reduce the time developers go unchallenged and underutilized to combat industry attrition rates.

Taylor Canter

Logo Designer and Marketing Digital Artist

I work with our community to bring logos to life that show up before all others. Spreading the Connect4 brand with Space Guys and representing our preferred clients with the latest marketing visuals is my passion. I know what people want, as a strategic artist I will get your name the attention it needs. Don't be a numb logo, let's map out some logo logistics to get you back on the marketing map. ᕙ(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿) ᕗ

John Crawford

Senior MISC Engineer : )

When I am not hacking into the latest games like Pokemon Go or farming on Crawford Farms, I am supporting Connect4 as a Research Engineer and Testing Guru for their iOS application that is due to be released this Spring. After working at Interactive Intelligence for seven years in scalability, I have an abundance of technical resources to help support the team and our preferred clients. Visit back for my future blog posts which share our company culture with Christian values and the latest technologies related to game development, security and testing.

Ishank Tandon

Backend Developer and Hacker

I support an array of technical needs for Connect4 by offering futuristic solutions to protect technologies. Hacking is a preventative measure, finding bugs which allow for security breaches must be eliminated to ensure and protect our Engineers information. Your information is safe with us, and I will let you know when I hack into your space so we can discuss options to prevent evil from finding leaks to wreak havoc in your world. As your security hero, I will advise a preventative plan to keep you guarded from the wrong realities.